Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Email

I like to get bells like this.

I got this email.

Dear Sir,

I came by your website when I entered the word Fiddian into Google. I was looking for information to try and work out the age of a bell that I have, as I intend to sell it, and think it only fair to describe it accurately and honestly. I wondered therefore if you would be kind enough to e-mail me and give me your opinion on the approximate age of the bell, its value and where would be a good place to sell it. It measures 11" high and 6" in diameter and weighs more than 3 lbs. It is very well made, and appears to be of bell metal as opposed to brass, and has the word 'Fiddian' on a brass collar below the handle. I have attached photographs to give you more of an idea of the bell I am describing. It originally came from a boys' public school in Worcestershire, and has been used by me for many years as a doorstop.

I would be most appreciative if you can be of help with regard to the aforementioned bell.

Lady in Devon (identity known to me)

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